Are you an example?

Posted on feb 21, 2017 in Continu Verbeteren, English

So in a matter of two posts you went from being a perfectly happy manager, to continuous improvement coach to sportcoach. What happened!? Well, it is time to put your money where your mouth is if you truly want to be a manager. Or is team leader a better word? It does sound and feel […]

Take your responsibility

Posted on dec 6, 2016 in Continu Verbeteren, English

But wait! What to do with the lean coaches you hired and the lean department you set up? In the previous posts there is no mention of them, not even with regards to who to train for this new habit. There is a good reason for that. Even if that might mean that perfectly good and […]

Practice, practice, practice

Posted on okt 18, 2016 in Continu Verbeteren, English

A habit of becoming a little better every day. A habit of who you might ask? Well, in an ideal world of everyone in your company, but since we just started let’s begin with step one. Step one means looking for something that has high impact, while it is relatively low on the investment side. […]

Do you have a problem?

Posted on okt 4, 2016 in Continu Verbeteren, English

“There is a problem with the word problem.” That’s what he said. Without any irony or making it sound like a joke. That sentence has been bugging me ever since. We were talking about continuous improvement and how to get that going for real. We agree on the fact that it is not done by […]