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Posted on mei 10, 2018 in English, Vakmanschap

Welding UniversityIn the coming period something will change, in this newsletter and on this website. I am currently starting a new company and I will share how I experience that process.

It will still be about leadership and the three aspects you need to consider when you want to have impact. Only now the story is told from my own very practical perspective, the fact that I am actually doing it myself. I’m working on building a new organisation, with (for now) one other person and of course with myself.

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What is this new company about?

My father and I are in the process of establishing Welding University. With this organisation we want to support SME production companies to maintain and increase craftsmanship in their organisations. If you have been reading my newsletter the topic of craftsmanship will not come as a surprise and you probably also know that my father was featured in an earlier blog. During last winter I’ve come to see this topic as an opportunity. An opportunity to build a company that makes a difference around.Our company will share knowledge and experience about welding in the broadest terms and has (continuous) learning on the shop floor as the main focus. We will provide a solution for SME companies who want to increase craftsmanship in their companies and at the same time want to spend as much time as possible working on their products.

And I wouldn’t be who I am if there wasn’t a broader perspective to all this. First in that perspective is my father and his wish to share the knowledge and experience he accumulated over the last 50 years with craftsmen and -women of today and tomorrow. You can be parttime retired. He’s been proving that for five years now. We also see more masters in their craft like he is. They don’t need or want to work fulltime anymore, but being able to share their knowledge and experience on a regular basis is an opportunity they would gladly say yes to. How cool would it be if we could provide that opportunity?

Next to that I read and hear a lot about automation and robotics, the decrease of the overall number of employees and the lack of people willing to learn a craft or work with their hands. If it is the case, like in The Netherlands, that we are fast moving towards a situation where the ratio employee – pensioner is 1 to 3, something has to happen. Current and future employees will need to master more than one craft. And on top of that they will have to know how to work with automation and robotics. Only then we that can keep up the productivity needed. Not by working harder, or with more people, but by working smarter with the people who are already there.

Our dream is called Welding University and in time we want to represent all expertise needed for welding. In 2022, the year my father will celebrate his 75th birthday, we are the independent partner for SME production companies for craftsmanship at all levels.

Next time: How this journey started. In the meantime, when you have questions or ideas you’d like to share do let me know. 

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